Interview with Ilija Nestorovski

The top scorer in Croatia and new acquisition of Serie A side Palermo agreed to answer our few questions.

Macedonia Прочитај на македонски.
Italy Leggi in italiano.


photo by Nestorovski playing for Inter

With 13 goals scored Ilija Nestorovski is the current top goalscorer in the Croatian top flight. His great form in the Inter Zaprešić colors brought him a transfer to Sicilian side Palermo, a transfer that will become official in the summer. Next season we will watch Ile together with Aleksandar Trajkovski in the same club in Serie A. The great form also led to him becoming member of the Macedonian national team.

MF: When you left Slovácko and came back in Macedonia to play for Metalurg, which obviously was a step back, did you still believe that you would make it and one day you would play in a league better then the Czech?
Ilija: Well, honestly, I have always believed in my potential.

MF: What is the main reason that you drastically improved your form in Croatia?
Ilija: The main reason is that I was well received by my teammates and also the quality of the league because of the attacking style of play.

MF: The difference between the Croatian and the Italian league is huge. How much time do you think that it will need for you to adapt there?
Ilija: Well, since the moment I signed for Palermo I already adapt to the Italian football.

MF: Area you now more often in contact with Trajkovski? For example, he had good games but he still isn’t a regular player.
Ilija: Yes, I am in contact with Trajkovski, we talk more often now. We discuss about things that happen in Palermo. Meanwhile, Trajkovski plays more often there and is showing great play.

MF: At Inter you are playing as a central forward. Is that the position that suits you the most or you can play good on other positions as well? Did you play as attacker since you were a beginner?
Ilija: Well yes, I can give my best as an attacker and since I know for myself I have been an attacker. But, I am always ready to play on a different position if needed because for an attacked it is very important to be down there playing.

MF: How long contract did you sign with Palermo?
Ilija: I signed on 4 years.

MF: You were part of the last games of the Macedonian national team. What do you think about the upcoming 2018 World Cup qualifications?
Ilija: I think that with the arrival of the new coach things have turned more positive. Slowly the good atmosphere is getting back and I think that we will have a quality campaign in the new qualifications for the Russian World Cup.

MF: Scoring in the national team is very hard. From what you have seen so far, which players suits you the most up front?
Ilija: It is important Macedonia to win games. Who will play with who is the least important.

MF: Ilija, thank you for your time and we wish you all the best!
Ilija: No problem. Salute to all readers of MacedonianFootball.

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