Rabotnichki held press conference regarding doping allegations


Today's press conference; photo: rabotnicki.comToday's press conference; photo: rabotnicki.comThe Rabotnichki sports director defended the two players in question and suspended the entire medical team of Rabotnichki.

The Rabotnichki sports director Igor Angelovski confirmed that the two players in question are Dino Najdoski and Milovan Petrovikj.  Both players apparently tested positive for the banned substance 4-methyl-2-hexanamine contained in Jack 3D, a product of California Fitness.  This occurred in the urine samples of both players after the Lazio vs. Rabotnichki game in the Europa League play-off round which Lazio won 6:0 in Rome.

Rabotnichki also announced that the entire medical team will be suspended while the investigation is ongoing.  That includes doctor Mihajlo Ivanovski and physiotherapists Dushan, Darko, and Robert Velchevski.  The doctor of the youth team will be promoted to perform the same duties on the senior team of Rabotnichki with the suspension to the medical team.

Rabotnicki's president of the disciplinary committee stated the following during the press conference, "There are indications that two players used banned substances.  This particular substance, from 1 January 2011, was on the B-list of banned substance according to UEFA.  While the investigation is ongoing, the entire medical team of Rabotnichki will be suspended."

Igor Angelovski defended the two players by saying, "The players did not take anything with their own hand.  Despite wanting to blame the players on 99% of the time in these instances, I can say that the players are not guilty in this matter.  We, at Rabotnichki, want whoever made the mistake to be responsible for that.  If it is the medical team, then they will answer for that mistake.  We will strongly defend the players because they are clean in this situation."

Angelovski also added during the press conference that until UEFA hands the discipline, Rabotnichki will play with the complete squad.

Finally, the Rabotnichki president of the disciplinary committee said, "We have to believe in the organizations of FIFA and UEFA.  We will fully comply with both organizations as we have nothing to hide as a team.  There was no intention for something like this to happen.  I want to reiterate that this was not a banned substance from the A-list which carries maximum punishments and drastic fines.  We are optimistic that the punishment by UEFA will not be severe.  However, if it is, then we will use all of our options, including a possible appeal, to protect the integrity of our club."

* Parts of the quotes translated from rabotnicki.com

Video of today's press conference (courtesy of Rabotnicki's youtube page):


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