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Nedzat Shabani resigned from Shkendija

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Nedzat Shabani, Shabani, Shabani resigned as Shkendija's manager, just two days before the big derby against Vardar.

Shkendija is faced with a problem before the clash against Vardar on Thursday as the manager Nedzat Shabani has resigned from his point.   The news was first reported by several media outlets.  According to, Shkendija's management decided to sack Shabani because he apparently did not possess a Pro License, but Shabani told that he left the team because of bad communication with Shkendija's management, and the Pro License was just an excuse mentioned by the management.

It has been known for some time that Shkendija's president and vice-president are arguing over who has the right to lead the club.  Despite the distractions, Shkendija managed to win against Bregalnica Stip in the last round with a goal in the dying minutes.  Now, they will take on table leaders Vardar with assistant manager Erhan Selimi in charge.

Interestingly, Shkendija's last manager Kjatip Osmani also resigned just a day before the first match against Vardar earlier this season season.  Vardar celebrated a 2:0 victory in that game with the goals being scored by Liko and Filip Ivanovski.  The assistant coach Erhan Selimi was also the manager for Shkendija in the first matchup against Vardar.


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