Shkendija 79 vs Teteks

Incidents at the derby of Tetovo

Shkendija 79 vs TeteksFew small and one big incident appeared during the derby of Tetovo between Shkendija 79 and Teteks.

There were no goals at the Gradski stadium in Tetovo, but there was a lot of intensity at the stands. The fan groups of both clubs were present at the game, and instead of supporting their beloved clubs, for nearly 80 minutes they were insulting eachother with ethnic, religion and nationalistic chants. Few small interruptions were made, but the big incident happend in the 78th minute. A member of the fan group Vojvodi, the supporters of Teteks, fired a tear gas instead of smoke bomb and the rest of the fan group started to run away from the stand together with the police. When the opponent fan group Ballishtet saw that Vojvodi are leaving their ultras’ banners unprotected, few of their members went in the field to seize their stuff. On member of the Vojvodi group came back to defend the banners and with a baseball bat started hitting the few members of the opponent fan group. A riot was made and the police reacted in and out of the stadium and using a tear gas removed both groups. The game eventually continued, but the result stayed unchanged.


Now FFM will surely react and will punnish both clubs because of the behaviour of their fans. Also, Shkendija 79 as host of this match, will probably be punnished because of bad organization which won’t be a first time.

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