Highs and lows in 2008

Macedonian footballMacedonianFootball.com together with the members of the Macedonian football forum chose the highs and lows in the Macedonian football for 2008 and the Macedonian football league 2008/09 first half-season.

Tome Pacovski, Nikolce Noveski, Velice Sumulikoski, Goran Pandev, Washington Roberto Mariano da Silva, Dino Najdoski… are some of the names who have marked the Macedonian football in 2008.


2008/09 first half season MVP: Washington Roberto Mariano da Silva
 With more then 50% of the votes for Washington Roberto Mariano da Silva in front of the other nominees Armend Alimi, Cesar Roberto de Brito, Hristijan Kirovski and Gligor Gligorov, MacedonianFootball.com together with the members of our forum have chose the best player for the first half-season of the 2008/09 Macedonian first league. The 204cm tall 23-years-old Brazilian striker with his six goals and 4 assists, is one of the most valuable players in the squad of the leaders Makedonija Gjorce Petrov. With his good performances Washington Roberto Mariano da Silva deserved the title best player of the Macedonian first league 2008/09 first half-season.

Highs and lows of the Macedonian league:
Biggest positive surprise: Dino Najdoski
With only 16 years, Dino Najdoski had great seven performances for FK Vardar's first team in the Macedonian league and definitely deserved to be named as biggest positive surprise in front of Washington Roberto Mariano da Silva, Ilija Nestoroski and Nijazi Lena.
Biggest disappointment: Artim Polozani
There were many other players with many bad performances, but the Macedonian football fans had much higer expectations by the current member of the national team and one of the highest payed players in the league and voted him as the biggest disappointment in front of Miroslav Vajs and Machado Júnior.

The best in 2008:
The Macedonian football fans also chose the best Macedonian players on every positions:
Best goalkeeper: Tome Pacovski
Best defender: Nikolce Noveski
Best midfielder: Velice Sumulikoski
Best attacker: Goran Pandev

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