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 The MacedonianFootball.com team would like to introduce to You a new feature on the website. From now on, interesting comments from our respected visitors and members on this site and our forum will be published after important fixtures and happenings. Have your say, your opinion matters to us.

Journalists can express their opinions in the media, but what about football fans? The true feeling of every football fan can now be heard through MacedonianFootball.com. We will start this feature with the opinions of our every-day or frequent or just-once visitors on our website and the forum members after the match between the U21 national teams of Greece and Macedonia, played on Saturday, 28th of March which ended in a 3-1 victory for Greece.


The expectations prior to this match were big, so many members were expecting a positive results, but out of the blue came Greece’ first goal and the first negative comments were written. In despair, one forum member described the Macedonian defence mistake as naive. – ‘We don’t have a shoot on goal’ – continued the discussion. The Greek team played better in the first half and a forum member expressed his opinion saying that his team from the neighborhood would have played better and could win against our current U21 national team. ‘Embarassing’ – was one of the comments after the first half. After Fazli’s goal for 2-1 hopes were raised a bit, but Greece’ 3rd goal ruined all our chances. ‘3 defenders let the player to shoot and even managed to collect the rebound – we must not allow such goals’ – was the second goal for Greece comment. ‘Players from 3rd Bulgarian league and 2nd Slovenian are just for laughs’ and ‘I can’t stand this defence – Jonuz out!’ were some of the comments after the third and final goal. ‘We don’t have players’ – said one of the forum members, and got a reply ‘Maybe we do have players, but the right ones are not called up’. ‘A one-touch football and better team play can help us a lot. We have potential and good players in the midfield and in the attack. If Lazevski was fit and we had one more solid central defender, we could have managed a good result here’. 

‘Our players are afraid to shoot’; ‘The defence is awful’; ‘Number 5 is responsible for 2 goals’; Greece are not a class ahead of us, we made them look like they are; ‘Football is just a game’ and similar comments were written during and after the match on the website.

A visitor on our website asked: ‘For how long? When will Hari be removed from the position and together with him Jonuz as well. There are too many people who are neglected and deserve to be on the positions of these wussians’.

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