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 Almost 24 hours after the final whistle of the encounter between Macedonia and Netherlands, reactions are still arriving. Macedonia were underdogs, we couldn’t say that we didn’t expect a defeat, but the poor display by the players makes you ask yourself – whose fault is it?

The good score in mutual matches with Netherlands, the fact that Macedonia knows how to surprise favorites, especially when playing away, and the good game against them last September in Skopje gave every fan a hope for this clash. A hope that we can make a good result.


But, Dirk Kuyt, 15th minute and dreams ruined. Bad defending which can be easily described with a forum member’s post ‘It is like Blazevski and Lostovski are playing in the defence’. After the second goal, a member has decided to stop watching Macedonia and turned instead to England against Ukraine. ‘Wrong tactics, big mistakes by Tasevski and Trajanov, it is visible Sumulikoski hasn’t played 3 monthsAlimi, Despotovski, Mijadinoski… We need such players’ – pointed put yet another dissapointed member. ‘I hope we will concede 7 more goals and Katanec will finally leave’ – was one of the more radical comments. ‘It is visible that Sedloski and Mitreski are not the same anymore’; ‘One thing is to lose, another thing is not to move the ball across the center of the pitch’; ‘Missery’; ‘I don’t want a second place, I dont want play-off spot, I would like to watch the match with foreign friends and proudly say – this is Macedonia, they are playing football’.

Unfortunately, the result itself made visitors and fans to post such comments – ‘Thats not football! We played rubbish.’ Netherlands are 3rd in the world, but the problem is that Macedonia are one of the weakest in Europe’; ‘Players looked disorganised and had no idea what to do with their marking play.. blame Katanec’; ‘Only players from this squad that deserve to play for a national team are Pandev, Noveski and Popov..everyone else needs to go, it was embarrasing to watch.’ ‘Tasevski is good… in fixing his hair’.

And to end this article we will use one comment from a fan written on the website. ‘Please for the love of God get rid of Katanec and Stanojkovik and start with a new movement of players’.

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