Group B teams’ friendly games

Slovakia, Russia, Ireland, Armenia and Andorra also played friendly games.

The opponents of Macedonia from the Group B of the EURO 2012 qialifications also played friendly games. Here are their performances:

Luxembourg – Slovakia 2:1
Shameful result for the 2010 World Cup participant. The Slovaks maneged to lose from Luxembourg, one of the worst European footballing nations. After a goalless first half, Slovakia took the lead in the 55th minute with a goal by Erik Jendrišek. Than, a miracle happend for the home side. Portugal born Daniel da Mota Alves equalised in the 62nd minute and 20 minutes later scored the winner.


Iran – Russia 1:0
The game took place on a neutral field in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Iran won with a late goal scored in the injury time by Mohammad Reza Khalatbari who also got a second yellow card because of his celebration.

Armenia – Georgia 1:2
This neighboring derby was played on a neutral field in Limassol, Cyprus. Alexander Iashvili brought the lead for the Crussaders in the 22nd minute, while David Siradze in the 34th minute scored for 2:0. Edgar Manucharyan from the penalty spot scored the only goal for Armenia in the 62nd minute.

Ireland – Wales 3:0
The friendly game is part of the 2011 Carling 4 Nations Cup. Darron Gibson opened the score in the 60th minute, six minutes later Damien Duff doubled it, while the final score was put by Keith Fahey eight minutes from time.

Moldova – Andorra 2:1
The Andorran players were close to get a good result, but once again the luck wasn’t their ally. They were down to 10 men in the 38th minute after Ildefons Lima Solà was shown the red card, but even with a players less they took the lead in the 52nd minute with a goal by Josep Manuel Ayala Diaz. Just two minutes later Moldovan midfielder Alexandr Suvorov was also expelled and both teams continued with 10 men. Igor Picuşceac levelled on 1:1 in the 66th minute. When everyone thought that it was gonna be a draw, Moldova got a penalty in the injury time that was converted by Igor Vitalyevich Bugaiov.The game was played in Portugal.

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