Gostivar’s loss relegates Gorno Lisiche

The play-off failure of Gostivar brought tears in the team of Gorno Lisiche who became the fourth team to get relegated from the second league group West.

Gostivar lost the promotion play-off against Borec on penalties. They disappointed their fans, but also brought despair to their secret fans, the team of Gorno Lisiche.


The bottom three teams from each second league group were fixed to get relegated. But, according to the allocation of the relegated teams from the first league, additional teams could go down. That happened to Gorno Lisiche.

Both teams that got directly relegated from the first league, Pelister and Skopje, belong to the West. With Makedonija GjP earning direct promotion meant that Gostivar would have to earn promotion by winning the play-off in order for no additional team to get relegated. Since they failed right at the start, they sent Gorno Lisiche in the third league group North.

Gorno Lisiche goes back to the third league level after eight seasons of which seven in the second league and one in the top flight.

This situation affect the second league East as well, but the other way round. Since both remaining play-off participants Pobeda and Borec belong to the East, an extra place will be opened. The rules say that it will be filled with a fourth third league club. Interested clubs may apply and the lucky winner will be decided according to the results in the past season, but some criteria for playing at a second league level must be satisfied as well. If no third league clubs are interested or fulfill the needed criteria, the place will be given to the best of the relegated three clubs. Osogovo is the best relegated, with the other being Pobeda from Valandovo, while Turnovo can not enter here as got disqualified in the beginning.

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