German organization donates Ohrid new gear (Photo)

The Christlicher Hilfsverein Wismar e.V. organization from the port town of Wismar dressed 3.MFL Southwest side Ohrid in totaly new playing gear branded with the club’s logo.

photos by GFK Ohrid Lihnidos


A local German DJ of Macedonian origin is the connection thanks to which the donation was made possible. DJ Nasty Deluxe is actually one of the most active members in this organization.

Recently, a German delegation visited Ohrid and handed over their precious gift. Instead of sponsor, in the center of the tops it is printed the logo of the organization with the words “Connected in friendship” added bellow.

Kristijan Nestoroski (R) aka DJ Nasty Deluxe poses with the new top at Atina Bojadji stadium; photo: Neues aus Makedonien

Ohrid now has new tops, shorts and socks. They already played a game wearing the new equipement, but it didn’t bring them luck as they were defeated at home by Prespa in the opening round of the second half-season in the 3.MFL Southwest.

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