Friendly: Macedonia – Albania 0:0

Moment from the game; photo: pretty dull encounter took place in Prilep with the national teams of Macedonia and Albania settling for a goalless draw after Ilco Naumoski’s goal in the 37th minute was disallowed by the referee.

In the first half, the first dangerous moment occurred in the 2nd minute when Macedonia was on a counter attack but a cross from the right went a tad long and the opportunity was squandered.  However, the first great chance fell to Albania in the 13th minute but Odise Roshi shot narrowly wide of the right goal post after finding space inside the area.  Most of the first half was pretty boring as the game featured few chances and there were many stoppages due to constant fouls.  In the 37th minute, Ilco Naumoski scored with a header following a free kick from the left but his goal was disallowed.  The goal seemed valid but the commentators mentioned that either a foul or offside led to the disallowed goal.


As for the second half, it was pretty much more of the same.  The game lacked rhythm and there were few chances between the two teams with a lot of fouls.  The only real chance for Macedonia came in the 81st minute when Agim Ibraimi was in a good position and then went down inside the area after contact with the keeper but the referee waved play on and did not award a penalty.  The numerous substitutions also slowed down the game in what turned out be a pretty dull encounter.  Just like the November friendly last year, Macedonia and Albania played a goalless draw.

Macedonia fielded a 4-2-1-3 formation with Tome Pacovski back as the starting keeper, Todorovski, Sikov, Mojsov, and Dimitrovski made up the defense from right to left, Velice Sumulikoski and Muhamed Demiri were the defensive midfielders, Mario Gjurovski was the attacking midfielder, while Ferhan Hasani and Ilco Naumoski played just behind the lone striker Mirko Ivanovski.

Lineup for Macedonia: Pacovski (46′ Nuredinoski); Todorovski (46′ Georgievski), Sikov, Mojsov, Dimitrovski (78′ Lazevski); Sumulikoski (C), Demiri; Gjurovski (46′ Ibraimi); Hasani (69′ Gligorov), Naumoski (61′ Fetai), Ivanovski.

To view the match report, click here.

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