Four Macedonian clubs share in UEFA EURO 2012 bounty

Metalurg, Rabotnichki, Shkendija and Vardar are to receive payments from UEFA for their contributions to the success of UEFA EURO 2012 and national team football in general.

A total of 575 clubs representing 52 UEFA member associations will share in the benefits of UEFA EURO 2012 in accordance with the renewed Memorandum of Understanding which was signed between UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA) in March, reports.  Among these are 4 Macedonian clubs that will share a total of €83.857.


Metalurg, Rabotnichki, Shkendija and Vardar are among the clubs which contributed to the success of UEFA EURO 2012 and national team football in general, particularly for the 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons.  With UEFA making €100m available, €40m has been reserved for clubs that released players for qualifying matches, with the remaining €60m to be distributed to clubs which released players for the final tournament. Clubs receive an equal share per player released for each qualifying match, and a fixed amount per player per day for the final tournament, weighted with the FIFA categorisation of clubs for training compensation.

Most of the benefit goes to Rabotnichki, nearly the half of the whole amount reserved for the Macedonian clubs. All players that were released by this clubs were only for the Macedonian national team.

Rabotnichki – €37.736
Shkendija – €20.964
Vardar – €16.771
Metalurg – €8.386

In order to be eligible for a share of the benefits from UEFA EURO 2012, clubs were asked to fill in, sign and return a club application form to UEFA, in which they agreed in particular to support national team competitions and to comply with the FIFA regulations on the release of players.

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