FFM bans Skopje’s Avtokomanda stadium

Due to an incident that occured on Sunday’s clash against Rabotbnichki, FFM decided to temporarily ban the home stadium of Skopje.

photo by FK Rabotnichki: moment od Sunday’s match


Later today Skopje will play as host against Sileks in the town Kichevo at the stadium of 3.MFL West side Napredok.

The popular Pirates were forced to look for an alternative ground as FFM yesterday brought a decision to temporarily suspend their home stadium because of an incident that happened during the Round 27 match against Rabotnichki.

Skopje lost that game thanks to a controversial penalty, but the match officials reported that throughout the game there were unofficial home personel at the stadium who were constantly making preasure towards the referees.

Because of this FFM baned the Avtokomanda stadium until further notice.

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