Ezgjan Alioski

Original name: Езџан Алиоски
Passport version: Ezgjan Alioski
IPA: ˈɛzdʒan ˈaliɔski

Nickname: Gianni
Club shirt name: Alioski
Position: winger
Born on 12.02.1992 in Prilep, Macedonia Macedonia
Club: Leeds United FC, England England
Former clubs: BSC Young Boys Switzerland, FC Schaffhausen Switzerland, FC Lugano Switzerland

App/Gls: 35/6

First appearance: 11.10.2013, Cardiff, Wales – Macedonia 1:0 (WC 2014 qual.)
First goal: 05.09.2016, Shkodër, Albania – Macedonia 1:1 (WC 2018 qual.)


Other goals:
06.09.2018, Gibraltar, Gibraltar – Macedonia 0:2 (NL 18/19)
09.09.2018, Skopje, Macedonia – Armenia 2:0 (NL 18/19)
13.10.2018, Skopje, Macedonia – Liechtenstein 4:1 (NL 18/19)
21.03.2019, Skopje, Macedonia – Latvia 3:1 (EURO 2020 qual.)
05.09.2020, Skopje, Macedonia – Armenia 2:1 (NL 20/21)

Awards: /

Other facts:
– despite his name being written with GJ (Ѓ) in the Latin version, it is pronounced with DJ (Џ) instead. The original Macedonian pronunciation is Езџан, not Езѓан, as the player himself confirmed to us.

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