Dostanic promoted in Vardar/Rabotnicki

 Only in Macedonia! That's the conclusion after the current situation, actions and relations between FK Vardar and FK Rabotnicki are summed up.

Previously, reported as Trifun Kostovski, the current Skopje Mayor and owner of Kometal company, left the presidential place in FK Rabotnicki and took over local neighbors and rivals FK Vardar. But the relations between Vardar, Rabotnicki and Kostovski' family didn't end here.
Serbian coach Ratko Dostanic joined FK Vardar and he will lead the club in the next season. But this summer he will assist on Rabotnicki's bench on their matches in the Champions League qualification. Together with him, 6 players from Vardar (Braga, Ejupi, Peev, Petrov, Mojsov i Emurlahu) will be loaned to Rabotnicki for the European matches. The situation is same with Vardar's new reinforcements Meglenski and Polozani who will also be in Rabotnicki's squad this summer.
The situation on the other end is even more complicated. Rabotnicki's new president Dragan Popovski will have hard task to consolidate Rabotnicki's squad after the end of the Champions League qualification matches, as all the key players will move to Vardar. According to some informations, Pacovski, Kmetovski, Vajs, Stanisic, Masev, Gligorov, Milisavljevic, Lukmon, Kovacevic, Demiri, Gjosevski and Jancevski are on the current list of players who will join Vardar this summer.


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