Cup: Shkendija smashes boycotting Vardar (Video)

Easy as expected, Shkendija defeated the combined team of Vardar who continued to make some kind of a boycott and filled a combined team once again.

photo by FK Vardar: Visar Musliu in duel with Tigran Barseghyan


Not 10 U21 players as on Sunday’s league game against Sileks, but still Vardar did not field their best squad. Novak, Bitang and Barseghyan were the only first team senior players that played today, besides keeper Aleksovski who was between the posts on Sunday as well.

The combined team of Vardar managed to held on to a goalless draw after the first 45 minutes, but quickly after the break Shkendija scored 3 and advanced into the semis. All of them were scored by top goalscorer Besart Ibraimi. Later, the home team added a fourth goal through Musliu who scored against his former side.

With this tie all the quarter-finals have been completed. Shkendija joins holders Pelister, Renova and Akademija Pandev who on Friday’s draw will find out their fate.

Gradski stadium in Tetovo
Shkendija – Vardar 4:0 (0:0)
Goals: 53′, 57′, 65′ Besart Ibraimi, 80′ Visar Musliu
Shkendija: 1. Zahov; 6. Cuculi, 15. Musliu, 33. Adili (72′ 21. Teqja); 18. Stênio Júnior (77′ 13′ Wakili), 8. Totre, 5. Alimi, 4. Bejtulai; 10. Hasani (C) (34′ 20. Emini); 7. Ibraimi, 14. Radeski.
Vardar: 1. Aleksovski; 15. Antovski (60′ 18. Kolevski), 31. Serafimov, 21. Novak (C), 2. Toshevski, 23. Mladenovski, 5. Bitang, 33. Iseni (37′ 88. Cvetanovski), 50. Berisha (60′ 22. Markoski), 24. Popzlatanov, 11. Barseghyan.
Yellow cards: Totre, Adili, Musliu (Sh), Serafimov, Novak, Popzlatanov (V)
Red cards: /
Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev (Skopje)


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