Super Tricko

The daily Macedonian sports newspaper "Makedonski Sport" made a statistical recapitulation of the first half of the Macedonian First League. Ivan Trickovski from Rabotnicki was named as best player of the first part.

Autumn part completed

The Autumn part of the Macedonian league is completed. Rabotnicki confirmed their half-season title and will keep the lead during the winter with a solid 10 points lead. A big incident in Tetovo will mark the finish of the first part of the season.

Last Autumn round

The last round of the first half of the season is in front of us before the football championship starts the long hibernation. Rabotnicki is already 'crowned' as a Autumn champion, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are champions already. That certainly goes for Cementarnica and Bashkimi who are in 'red zone'. In fact,

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The Cup derby for Rabotnicki

The set of matches between the Skopje rivals Rabotnicki and Vardar continued today with the first leg matches of the Macedonian Cup quarterfinals. The hosts won all 3 matches, while Ilinden didn't appear on the match against Nov Milenium.