Bosnia and Herzegovina – Macedonia

 Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina played another interesting match where despite the hosts lead with 2 goals, Macedonia managed to get back in the match and final score is 2-2.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Hasagic, Jahic, Spahic, Nadarevic, Salihovic* (13th minute Maletic*), Rahimic, Damjanovic* (66th minute Huseinovic), Vladavic, Misimovic* (86th minute Pejic), Ibricic, Dzeko.

Macedonia: Pacovski* (46th minute Milosevski), Noveski* (46th minute Polozani* – 60th minute Grozdanoski*), Sedloski, Mitreski, Lazarevski, Tasevski, Sumulikoski, Popov, Pandev* (72nd minute Trajanov), Naumoski* (Vajs 46th minute), Maznov* (66th minute Stojkov).


The first halftime is over. Though the match started with 2 quick goals by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Goran Maznov striked back with 2 goals and the half-time score is 2:2. Damjanovic scored the first goal for Bosnia in 15th minute and only couple of minutes later the same player scored another goal. However, after a corner kick by Goran Pandev, Maznov was watchful and managed to score a goal. Few minutes later, Maznov used the big mistake made by the Bosnian goalkeeper Hasagic and equalized.
Popov and Nadarevic got yellow cards in the first half-time. Stay tuned for a full-time report.

Full time with the same score as on the half time. The whole tempo of the game was lower comparing to the first part, but there have been couple of very interesting moments. Milosevski, who had replaced Pacovski on the half-time, had couple of very good saves. Katanec had used many substitutions and the Macedonian team that played in the second part was significantly different comparing to the one in the first half. Overall, this result looks like the most realistic as both teams had their chances. While Bosnia started the first half good, Macedonia returned with good play towards the end of the first half and both teams were more or less equal in the second half. The game was played in friendly spirit and besides the two players that got yellow cards in the first half, only Sumulikoski got a yellow in the second. Good match on a somewhat bad pitch and a fair draw.

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