Toshe Proeski sung Makedonija GjP's anthem

Anthems of Macedonian clubs

Toshe Proeski sung Makedonija GjP's anthemWe present you the best anthems of the Macedonian clubs no matter what level they currently play.

After our research about which Macedonian club have a web site, now we present you the anthems of the Macedonian clubs. Not many have an anthem, but from those who have we selected only the best 10.


Seven of the ten 1.MFL clubs have an anthem. Only Pobeda, Renova and Sileks don’t have an official anthem although Pobeda has a fans’ anthem but we don’t count it as we decided not to include those of fans.

These are the first league anthems from the best to the worst (according to

1. FK Makedonija GjP from Skopje

Can there be a song sung by Toshe Proeski that is not number 1? Of course not. The Lions from Gjorche had to honor to have their anthem sang by one of the greatest Macedonian sons. Excellent lyrics, great voice, good music.

2. FK Pelister from Bitola

Motivational song of the Bitola based club. Good lyrics, good refrain, catchy song. Makes a good atmosphere on the stadium.

3. FK Rabotnichki from Skopje

Inventive lyrics combined with good music, sang by famous singer Vlatko Ilievski. This is actually the second anthem of the club as there was another version in the era of the sponsor Kometal. This is the better one.

4. FK Vardar from Skopje

Great lyrics, but the refrain should have been much better. Of course, it is not the first and only anthem of Macedonia’s best club.

5. KF Shkendija from Tetovo

A soft rock and roll song sung in Albanian language (you have Macedonian lyrics in the video). It sounds good.

6. FK Bregalnica from Shtip

A very simply song with a very bad refrain. There are only two stanzas which luckily are different and have an interesting lyrics. They should have added more stanzas instead of the repeating and boring refrain. Bregalnica must do a new song!

We haven’t included the anthem of FC Shkupi from Skopje as we haven’t translated (it is in Albanian), but its nothing special. It would have been only before Bregalnica’s song. If you want to hear it just click here.

From the other clubs that compete in the leagues below the first, there are some with an anthem. Here are some of them in random order:

FK Napredok from Kichevo (3.MFL West)

Definitely a first league material anthem. This anthem is sung by famous singer Vlatko Lozanoski who is from Kichevo and of course, a Napredok fan.

FK Plachkovica from Radovish (3.MFL East)

Another anthem that is better than some of the first league anthems.

FK Slavija from Skopje (3.MFL North)

One of the oldest Macedonian clubs that has never played higher then the third league has an anthem. The citizens of the Przhino neighbourhood are proud of their club and recorded a very nice song for their beloved club.

FK Lokomotiva from Skopje (3.MFL North)

We recently found this only Macedonian march anthem.

FK Babi from Shtip (inactive this season)

The smaller club from Shtip made this anthem in 2012 to celebrate the promotion to the second league, but unluckily for them the adventure lasted only one season. This season due to financial problems they cancelled their participation in the 3.MFL East.

FK Akademija Pandev from Strumica (2.MFL)

One of the newest Macedonian clubs had only recently made and anthem and we even had to modify this post a month later to include a video of it.

Other anthems:

FK Ohrid from Ohrid (click here) really awful!

What do you think? Which is your favourite and least favourite anthem? Do you know an anthem we forgot to mention? Tell us in the comment section below.

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