2.MFL East & West overview of Round 18

No problems for Belasica in their home game against Kozhuf, while things are getting more interesting in the 2. League West.

photo by Zlatko Topkoski: moment of the game between Lokomotiva and Makedonija GjP


Belasica easily outplayed Kozhuf and recorded a new win, thanks to first half late goals by Martin Mirchevski, Krste Todorov (who has successfully converted a penalty) and a second half goal by Nikola Bozhinov. Kozhuf had to play the second half with 10 men after Lazar Stojkovski was shown a red card when he caused the penalty kick. With this win Belasica made the gap with Bregalnica even bigger and the difference between the top two teams is now 7 points after Bregalnica shared the points with Osogovo in a 2:2 draw.

Sasa originally had no problems with Pobeda from Valandovo, but after being 1:0 down the visitors got left with 10 men and the game went downhill for them. At the end, Sasa won convincingly with 7 goals to 1. Tikvesh squandered a 0:3 lead after the first 45 minutes and had to settle with a point only as Plachkovica managed to score three goals in the closing 15 minutes.

Round 18 results:

Gradski stadium in Makedonska Kamenica
Sasa – Pobeda (V) 7:1 (1:1)
Goals: 35′ Damjan Ivanovski, 53′ Sasho Velinovski, 66′ Martin Gocevski, 73′ Aftim Aksentiev, 76′ Nikola Dimovski, 85′, 90’+1 Daniel Gocevski – 17′ Mario Rajatoski
Red cards: 37′ Sashko Bajlozov (P)
Referee: Marjan Dejanoski (Kichevo)

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani
Osogovo – Bregalnica 2:2 (1:1)
Goals: 35′ Hristijan Mitrevski, 70′ Dragan Paunov – 17′ (og) Andrej Kocevski, 55′ Oliver Hristov
Referee: Marjan Mladenovski (Skopje)

Mladost stadium in Strumica
Belasica – Kozhuf 3:0 (2:0)
Goals: 45′ Martin Mirchevski, 45’+1 (pen) Krste Todorov, 64′ Nikola Bozhinov
Red card: 45’+1 Lazar Stojkovski (K)
Referee: Nikola Kostenchev (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Radovish
Plachkovica – Tikvesh 3:3 (0:3)
Goals: 75′ Redjep Kurt, 81′ Bojan Ivanov, 90’+1 Marjan Taraninov – 8′ (og) Marjan Taraninov, 22′ Robert Mitev, 40′ Igor Lazarev
Referee: Vlatko Ilioski (Prilep)

Borec was idle.

2.MFL East 2017/18


Things are getting interesting in the West group after leaders Vlazrimi 77 were heavily defeated in the road game in Tetovo against Teteks. Gostivar seized this occasion to jump on the first place of the table alone after they beat Gorno Lisiche 3:2 in an interesting match. Makedonija Gjorche Petrov also won thanks to a lone late goal by captain Bobi Bozhinovski and are now second while Vlazrimi 77 dropped to third place.

Struga had no problems with Zajazi, while Labunishta clinched three points away to Novaci.

Round 18 results:

Lokomotiva stadium in Skopje
Lokomotiva – Makedonija GjP 0:1 (0:0)
Goals: 82′ Bobi Bozhinovski
Referee: Marjan Eckoski (Ohrid)

AMS stadium in Tetovo
Teteks – Vlazrimi 77 3:0 (1:0)
Goals: 15′ Ivo Janakievski, 80′ Valjmir Jonuzi, 82′ Enis DErvishi
Referee: Nderim Tefiku (Kumanovo)

Atina Bojadji stadium in Ohrid
Struga – Zajazi 5:1 (1:0)
Goals: 14′, 73′ Blagojche Glavevski, 48′, 54′ Antonio Kalanoski, 83′ Aleksandar Celeski – 79′ (pen) Dardan Djeladini
Referee: Dejan Mladenovski (Skopje)

Novaci stadium in Novaci
Novaci – Labunishta 1:3 (0:0)
Goals: 85′ Antonio Stojkovski – 57′, 73′ Nedjmi Redjepi, 88′ Klime Dalcheski
Referee: Igor Ivanov (Veles)

Gradski stadium in Gostivar
Gostivar – Gorno Lisiche 3:2 (2:1)
Goals: 2′ (pen), 54′ Ilirid Ademi, 22′ Hristijan Grozdanoski – 24′, 71′ Andrian Chavoli
Referee: Marjan Gocevski (Strumica)

2.MFL West 2017/18


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