2.MFL East & West overview of Round 25

Borec won first league promotion after securing the East top as Labunishta cemented the runners-up spot in the West and will enter the promotion play-off.

photo by FK Borec Veles: the players and fans of Borec celebrate the promotion



After 18 seasons Borec is eventually back in the top flight. Today they managed to beat the Blues from Shtip and cement the East top. It was a tough match since Bregalnica wants to grab the second place, but Mitrov’s expulsion five minutes before the break made thing difficult for them. With a player advantage the hosts finally broke the dead lock when Hristov scored twenty minutes into the second half. In the dying moments Borec added a second for eruption on the stands.

The promotion celebration:

Tikvesh is very close to clinching the play-off spot. They did not beat rival Kozhuf at home today, but the goalless draw allows them to maintain the 5 point difference. with two round left and 6 available points, the pressure for winning today was at the visitors.

Plachkovica got humiliated in front of their own fans by Kit-Go, while Detonit celebrated over Vardar. The two Radovish based clubs may end up fighting between each other to avoid a possible additional relegation spot.

Sasa, Vardar and Partizan got officially relegated. Sasa did manage to beat Partizan on the road, but Detonit’s win over Vardar sent all three t the third tier. Both Partizan and Vardar will play in the 3.MFL Center, while Sasa joins the 3.MFL East.

Gradski stadium in Radovish
Plachkovica – Kit-Go 0:4 (0:1)
Goals: 27′ Antonio Bujchevski, 70′ (pen), 82′ Ivan Nastevski, 90’+1 Filip Nedelkovski
Referee: Sashko Ristov (Strumica)

Detonit vs. Vardar; photo: FK Detonit Radovish

Gradski stadium in Veles
Borec – Bregalnica 2:0 (0:0)
Goals: 64′ Simeon Hristov, 90’+3 Gjorgji Gjorgjiev
Red cards: 40′ Ivan Mitrov (B)
Referee: Marjan Mladenovski (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Kavadarci
Tikvesh – Kozhuf 0:0
Referee: Stojanche Stojanov (Shtip)

AMS stadium in Mogila
Partizan – Sasa 0:2 (0:0)
Goals: 54′ Zoran Zlatkovski, 73′ Denis Milenov
Referee: Hristijan Bozhinovski (Skopje)

Istatov stadium in Nov Dojran
Detonit – Vardar (N) 4:2 (2:1)
Goals: 41′ (pen), 46′ Gjokshen Limanov, 44′, 78′ Andrej Simevski – 15′ Mile Chaushev, 65′ Filip Dimoski
Referee: Zdravko Kostovski (Shtip)

2.MFL East 2018/19

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL


Second-placed Labunishta defeated Skopje and secured for them a historic play-off spot. Their win was not enough, but since Pelister lost in Debar by Korabi, Labunishta is now on unreachable 8 points away from the third place

Korabis’win over Pelister continues the tight battle for avoiding relegation. Teteks clinched important point away to relegated Goblen, while Gench Kalemler missed a chance to defeat Vlazrimi 77 away. They had a goal lead before conceding from a penalty kick five minutes from time. That goal brought tears in their eyes as it means relegation. The fact that Gench got booked 9 times says how nervous were they for this encounter.

Moment of Goblen – Teteks; photo: Pavle Simovski

Gradska plazha stadium in Struga
Labunishta – Skopje 2:1 (1:0)
Goals: 41′ Klime Dalcheski, 59′ Dejan Leskaroski – 77′ Filip Jovanovski
Referee: Marjan Dejanoski (Kichevo)

Rasadnik stadium in Radolishta
Struga – Gostivar 0:0
Referee: Vlatko Ilioski (Prilep)

Vlazrimi Arena in Kichevo
Vlazrimi 77 – Gench Kalemler 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: 85′ (pen) Murat Adili – 70′ Emir Aliji
Referee: Nikola Ivanov (Veles)

Gradski stadium in Debar
Korabi – Pelister 1:0 (1:0)
Goals: 42′ Ujkan Mucha
Referee: Nderim Tefiku (Kumanovo)

Bashkimi stadium in Kumanovo
Goblen – Teteks 0:4 (0:1)
Goals: 41′ Valon Zekjiri, 48′ (pen) Enis Dervishi, 50′ Dario Desnikj, 90’+2 Marjan Bilbiloski
Red cards: 86′ Shenur Neziri (G), 86′ Enis Dervishi (T)
Referee: Kiril Smokvoski (Prilep)

2.MFL West 2018/19

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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