1.MFL Overview of Round 19 (Video)

Great match between Shkendija and Vardar who shared the points in the derby of the round, Shkupi started the new half-season victoriously, Pobeda and Pelister also shared the points in the Pelagonija derby of the bottom. All games were played in bad fields as Macedonia was struck by a rainy and snowy weather the past couple of days. The game in Kratovo had to be postponed due to a flooded field.

photo by: FK Vardar


Shkendija – Vardar 1:1 (0:0)
86′ Besart Ibraimi – 79′ Boban Grncharov

The second half-season started with an extremely important game for the top of the table. Shkendija hosted Vardar in an attempt to make the gap between the two sides even bigger. However, it was actually Vardar who opened the scoreline and had a 0:1 with 10 minutes to go, making the difference between the 2 sides just 5 points with 17 rounds to go. However, Shkendija’s captain set the score straight and now the difference between the 2 sides and biggest favorites for the title remains 8 points. It was a great game with lot of chance on both side. The home players can regret as they had more of the chances, but visiting keeper Filip Gachevski was in great form and grabbed the man of the match award.

Shkupi – Akademija Pandev 5:2 (3:1)
7′, 17′, 23′ Bazhe Ilijoski, 59′ Alen Jasharoski, 79′ Kristijan Stojkoski – 31′ Gjorgi Stoilov, 71′ Giulio Grifoni

Shkupi started the spring season in a great light and their new signing Ilijoski showed that he is already settled in in the best way possible. He has scored a hat-trick in just 16 minutes, from 7th to 23nd and already showed Akademija Pandev where the points will go. Till the end of the game both teams scored 2 more goals for a final score of 5:2 but in reality Shkupi’s win was never put into question. The home team even missed a penalty kick in the 55th minute through Ilijoski, thus missing a chance for a fourth goal. Keeper Vujanac saved his shot.

Pobeda – Pelister 1:1 (1:1)
12′ Zoran Danoski – 9′ Borche Manevski

Pobeda and Pelister also played a very important game for both sides as they are near the bottom of the table and need every point. The Pelagonija derby was played far from Pelagonija, in Turnovo and it was the ‘visitors’ who scored the first goal. New signing Borche Manevski who actually returned to Pelister from Pobeda scored the opening goal in the 10th minute but just 2 minutes later Pobeda equalized through their new signing Zoran Danoski. That turned out to be the final score but the main impression is that Pelister will need to step up their game if they are to avoid relegation after winning the Cup in the last season.

The second half begins at Pobeda – Pelister; photo: FK Pobeda

Rabotnichki – Renova 0:0

The lone game to end goalless today was the one between Rabotnichki and Renova. They shared the points in a match with only a few chances om both sides as both seemed too careful not to concede.

One of the few chances for the home team; photo: FK Rabotnichki

Sileks – Skopje postponed

The game between Sileks and Skopje was postponed due to heavy weather conditions in Kratovo and will be played a week from today. The match will be played next Wednesday.

The flooded field in Kratovo; photo: Aberdzija

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