1.MFL half-season eventually concludes (Video)

Vardar won in the Skopje derby against Rabotnichki in a postponed match to eventually close the curtain of the first half-season in the Macedonian top flight.

Finally the Macedonia first league can go on a winter break. Today it was played the postponed match of the Round 12, the old Derby of Skopje between rivals Vardar and Rabotnichki.


The match was decided by a late goal of Armenian national team player Tigran Barseghyan who found the back of the red&white net in the 78th minute.


It was the 81 game between the two teams in all competitions. Their first historic encounter was back in 1951 when they faced each other in the Yugoslav second league. Vardar recorded the 32nd win, while Rabotnichki stayed on 29.

With this win, as well as the one against Akademija Pandev on Sunday, Vardar earned the planed 6 points from both postponed matches and got a little bit closer to leaders Shkendija.

Final standings on half-season (click for details)

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